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Hey You! Bloghead !

December 1, 2005 Leave a comment
Moblogging takes root as more uses are found for the mobile phone.

In Sept 2005 a search for ‘hurricane Katrina blog’ yielded more than 6 million results, triggering reminders of an earlier tsunami that also spurred blogs, and an untold number of SMS’s.

On the PhoneFar from heading for the hills, bloggers are now heading for their cellphones! And if blogging was about unabashed expression, then moblogs are expressions on-the-fly; emo on the go! And express they do – moblogs, like blogs, are occasionally brilliant, usually bland, at times shocking ….. but always a good read!
“Elindra”, 27 who has been moblogging on since Aug 04, ‘can discuss any topic under the sun’ – and she frequently does. Her meandering moblog ‘another day in paradise’ gives frank opinions of work, bosses, taxi drivers and those “young adults these days (who) cannot take hard work”.

Naturally, most of these blogs are made public! Very few private thoughts are kept private with blogs, and if the top ranking teen blogger on is any measure, then private acts are also performed on very public transports! But teens love to shock and this one is unlikely to use the ‘private’ function for some of her imaginative fantasies!

And imagination does blossom in the case of “Mistari”, 31, from Sydney Australia, who doesn’t just run a personal moblog, but has also crafted a mobile soap opera (mobisoap, of course!) ‘Rock Singer’ that unveils the budding relationship between a musician and a woman he meets on the beach.

According to Mistari, who treats his phone as a creative outlet, “ when I would think of the next part to the story, I could be anywhere”. He blogs a new segment of the story each day and admits that “it took a little while, but as the story grew bigger, so did the amount of people reading it”
But, no matter what they write about, mobile bloggers are at it anywhere and everywhere. As more cellphones come with Internet access, users are finding more to do with their phones. Studies among mygamma users show that SMS and Internet services make up about 70% of mobile usage.

And people aren’t just ‘phoning’ in their thoughts and photos for mere publicity, they’re doing it for posterity and, as Mistari explaned, extending the limits of their experience through their cellphone.

“Yeah” he added “I dig it”

This week’s top rated moblog on myGamma
Besides blogging, picture voting is popular, espescially with our Thai users.

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