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Taking Stock.

November 1, 2006 Leave a comment

Will Asia’s leadership in WAP usage be overshadowed by Africa ?

In early October 2006, we recorded 1 million registered users and it felt a good time to take stock of things.

Males dominate our membership at 69%, and the bulk of users (72%) were from Asia. While this trend continues and Asian registrations increase – with growing usage from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan – there were notable exceptions from South Africa (15%) , Nigeria and Romania. South Africa in particular, surged in usage in the 7 months since launch in February 06.

While Asian countries countinue to lead usage of the service, the rapid rise of African usage suggests a voracious appetite for WAP. Even as we tallied our users, new prospects appeared – from East Africa.

Across all markets, young adults aged 20-35 are active members of the community, making up some 82% of the population of myGamma users.

In a 2005 survey of users from Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand we found some 40% of the users have a diploma or higher. Among these early users, 70% were single while 20% were married.

Even as we take stock of the new markets we are in, these profiles seem to be repeated as new users make their presence felt in chat, blogs and photo contributions.

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