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By Michael de Souza, Executive Producer, South Africa and Esther Sutjiutama, BuzzCity Producer

Warning! If you haven’t had your lunch yet, run. This blog entry may make your mouth water and stomach shout for attention.
myGamma recently ran a contest called “Pick Your Dish”, inviting our members to submit examples of culinary content that they had posted online. We received entries from across the globe. Contestants submitted recipe-sharing moblogs, groups for discussing your favorite dishes and of course a lot of tasty-looking photos, like these:

The BuzzCity producers didn’t just pick the topic for this contest out of the blue. We’d noticed a big increase in the number of food-related images being posted within myGamma as well as in other areas of the mobile world.

Did you know, for example, that Twitter users have developed a shorthand for sharing recipes in less than 140 characters?

We used several criteria to judge entries in the “Pick Your Dish” contest:

  • interesting or mouth-watering content
  • consistent updates
  • viewer comments

Throughout the contest period we received lots of messages from contestants’ friends and other myGamma members checking in about the results, to see if their favorite entry was a finalist. In the end, we selected three winners – Best Pix: Gybzy, a 19-year old Thai woman who shares recipes and photos; Best Blog: Geline, a 37-year old woman in Israel with a blog called CyberSoulmate Bakeshop; and Best Writer: Crazee Horse, a 39-year old man from South Carolina in the United States.

Crazee Horse’s moblog, “Poor Man’s Recipes” still ranks in myGamma’s top three, based on pageviews. The site shares inexpensive recipes like “Poor Lee’s Peanut Prawns,” a hot-and-spicey dish which can be prepared for just a few US dollars. Aside from its unique angle, what makes this moblog particularly good is that the author posts photos at each step as he cooks the dish.

In Indonesia, meanwhile, the mobile community takes virtual networking to an entirely different level. myGamma members there have created an online role-playing group where participants take on different characters at a cafe. One person acts like the manager, others like diners. They chat about items on the menu and other things as well.

Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised by the increasing popularity of culinary-related items on the mobile internet. “Foodie” blogs have long ranked among the most popular internet blogs. Whether it’s sharing a passion for cooking, ranking restaurants, sharing info on good deals, dishing bad service or praising that special extra touch, the love of food is a topic that seems to unite us all – and it’s one that’s definitely spreading its wings in myGamma.



We’re happy to report that BuzzCity has been nominated for the Spirit of Enterprise 2009 Award, which celebrates our company’s founders as models of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Lai Kok Fung, Andrew Lim, Clifford Chew and Lee Cjin Pheow have been nominated as a group and are among 117 Nominees. Check out the nominating interview with KF and the team here.

The Spirit of Enterprise “promotes and advances entrepreneurial spirit in Singapore by honouring local self-reliant entrepreneurs operating small and medium-sized businesses.” The programme also aims to inspire young Singaporeans to become entrepreneurs by facilitating interaction between students, business leaders and the general public.
From 117 nominees, 35 will be selected to represent the cream of entrepreneurs who have shown resilience and tenacity in building up a businesses. Selection will be by a committee of judges and by public voting between 1st and 31st August. Please vote for us this August!

Results will be announced at a gala dinner and SOE Awards Ceremony in November 2009.

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We’ve released the advertising index for the 2nd Quarter.

Indonesia remains in first position with 3.78 billion impressions. India continued its growth trend, exceeding one billion banners, securing its position at number two in the rankings. The United Kingdom rose four places on the last quarter to 5th, reflecting increased advertiser interest in off portal advertising. Saudi Arabia also saw significant growth on the last quarter (63%), jumping ten spots to number nine.

This latest report also shows growth in Europe, with three countries appearing in the Top 20 for the first time. These include the United Kingdom (17%), France (26%) and Italy (23%).

The following table shows the top 10 countries by the number of paid advertising banners delivered in each (compared to Q1 2009 results) :-

1. Indonesia: 3.78 billion (-14%)
2. India: 1.07 billion (+28%)
3. United States: 487 million (-8%)
4. South Africa: 461 million (+8%)
5. United Kingdom: 133 million (+17%)
6. The Philippines: 124 million (-1%)
7. Egypt: 108 million (-34%)
8. China: 95 million (-27%)
9. Saudi Arabia: 92 million (+63%)
10. Kenya: 92 million (+15%)

Click here to view the full report

In the last week, our ad serving capabilities has also been extended to include carrier targeting capabilities in the Philippines and Saudi Arabia. This increases targetting capabilities to 28 major markets globally.

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The BuzzCity Roadshow 2009 : Cape Town

The BuzzCity Roadshow heads for Cape Town this August, where we’ll share the latest in mobile internet advertising case studies and host a panel discussion with industry-leading creative agencies and digital specialists.

Date: 14 August 2009 (Friday)
Time: 1.00pm to 5.00pm
Venue: The One & Only Hotel Ballroom, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town
This is a great opportunity to hear straight talk from some of the most passionate, insightful and experienced marketing professionals around. We welcome your participation and we’d like to hear what you expect from Mobile Internet Advertising.

For more information and to book seats, please email partners[at]

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