By Romulo “Je” Alipio, Executive Producer, Games

Hi! My name is Romulo, but everyone calls me Je (pronounced like“JAY”) and I’m spearheading BuzzCity’s new mobile games’ initiative, DJUZZ (pronounced: “JUICE”).

Djuzz – an Algerian word meaning “Welcome” or “Come in”  is an ad-supported mobile games portal that will offer a rich variety of entertainment to consumers after its formal launch in early 2010. It also offers an amazing no-cost no-revenue-share business opportunity for content developers.

That’s right. Djuzz is a free-to-use service – both for our partners and gamers.

For partners, BuzzCity hosts, markets and promotes games at no charge. We act as an independent, non-exclusive distributor. Content developers and publishers also have access to the portal to view analytics, traffic reports and to add more games for distribution.

Djuzz is free-to-use for consumers as well and the portal is populated with free games and entertainment.

Of course, developers can sell premium versions of their content. And we don’t ask for a share of these game revenues either. Like our sister-site myGamma, Djuzz is based on an ad-driven business model. We believe this is unique in the world of gaming platforms and will provide developers complete liberty to choose the business model and price points that work best for them, whether it’s the sale of premium content, in-game advertising or the benefits of branding a highly popular game.

So why is BuzzCity doing this?

It’s simple. Three reasons:

1. Mobile consumers want to do more with their phones. They demand free content, but they’ve also clearly demonstrated a willingness to purchase items online. And Entertainment — particularly access to games — is the second most popular reason for connecting to the mobile internet. (Communicating with friends is #1.)

2. Content developers and publishers generally face high distribution costs, particularly when trying to access lucrative emerging markets.

3. With strong distribution networks in some 200 countries, BuzzCity can easily connect developers to mobile consumers across the globe.

We are targeting February 2010 for Djuzz’ beta release. But the site is already populated with content from more than a dozen partners, including HeroCraft and Hovr.

So, what type of content are we looking for?

Consumer research and conversations with users meanwhile tell us that there are four types of content that work best on mobile:

  • Casual Games that can be played/used over brief periods
  • Productivity-oriented tools that enhance daily routines
  • Personalization tools that enable users to generate their own original content
  • Branded games or applications related to pop culture

Some of the games already on offer include:

Kung Fu Fighters (Fighting) – A single player fighting game in the tradition of Street Fighter

Formula Extreme (Racing) – Scroller-type racing

Euro Football (Sports) – soccer and team management game

Big Game Safari (Shooter) – 1st and 3rd person shooter game set in the African Safari

20000 Feet and Falling – Skydiving

BioRhythm (Lifestyle) – A mood and emotions prediction application

We’ve strived hard to design the portal with user preferences at its core. And I think we’ve done a good job of making sure that the site navigation is intuitive. Of course, users will have the final say on this, which is why we’re currently soliciting user feedback to make sure all our bases are covered.

I used to work as a mobile game developer myself. At my previous company, we had a tough time getting our content out to users. It seemed we were always at the mercy of operators and device manufacturers. Well, not anymore! ; )

I’m really excited about Djuzz because we’ve created a business-friendly eco-system where developers, billing enablers, advertisers – anyone involved in mobile gaming – can collaborate on common ground to aggregate and provide content. This portal is going to help games spread like wildfire!

If you have any questions or want to be a part of this journey, contact me here.

I’ll also be writing more about this journey on a new blog. So please join me.

Djuzz! Welcome!

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