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By Romulo “Je” Alipio, Executive Producer, Games

White Label (n):
1. Vinyl record with adhesive white label affixed, generally produced in small quantities during test pressings. NOT to be confused with the Beatles’ “White Album” or Johnny Walker’s Red, Green, Blue or Black Labels.
2. A product or service produced by one company then rebranded by another.
3. The Djuzz Catalogue by BuzzCity.

At BuzzCity, we’re committed to ensuring the widest possible distribution for the applications and games produced by our partners, which is why I’m really pleased to announce the launch of the Djuzz Catalogue . . . our white-label solution that quickly and easily enables any company to become an online provider of mobile games and applications.

Let me walk you through how it works, some of the reasons your company might like to do it and why we’re offering the service.

Regular readers of this blog know that Djuzz, which launched earlier this year, is a free-to-use mobile entertainment portal offering more than 2500 games and applications. Djuzz functions on most platforms including Android, Blackberry, Java, Symbian and WinMo.

Step 1. Go to http://www.buzzcity.com to register for the Djuzz Catalogue

Step 2. Customise your site. Choose your colours, add logos, even upload your own content if you’d like.

Step 3. Publish it.

Djuzz Catalogue partners have access to the entire library of content. Use our CMS to select the content that you wish to offer and where you want it published. Choose everything or just those games and categories that best match your image or business model. (The default setting is for the entire library to be included and published globally.)

Here are a couple examples of partner sites:

The whole process shouldn’t take you more than an hour. BuzzCity hosts all the content. No integration is needed. We handle the backend management, content aggregation and site management. Of course, we also offer access to real-time comprehensive reports that will help you manage your business and understand your customers better.

1. It’s free.

2. Generate a new revenue stream. All of the games offered on Djuzz are free-to-download for consumers (though there are options to purchase premium content). The revenue on Djuzz comes from the banner ads that appear on the portal. Djuzz Catalogue partners keep 65% of all ad revenue from their site (the same cut received by mobile content publishers.)

3. Marketing. With a limited mobile budget, a great way to spark interest from consumers is to provide free games and applications. Setting up a games portal will complement your ads campaign. The Djuzz Catalogue offers geo-targeting at the country and continental levels. Partners also have complete control over the ads that appear on their site. You can even choose to only serve your own ads (in which case you’re both an advertiser and publisher . . . purchasing ad space with one budget line, but receiving revenue from those ads on another.)

4. Mobile gaming is cool . . . . and now you don’t have to be a content player to join the game. Djuzz has lots of branded content — Iron Man 2, God of War 3 and Bioshock are just a few current examples – and we support about 95% of the phones on the market. Our robust device detection system serves only the right content to each phone. Your clients and partners will love it.

Here’s a look at the partner interface (which is still subject to improvements).  Note the ability to zero down on the desired countries and content:

Our business model is ad-driven. Ads are supported by viewers. And viewers want content. In fact, at BuzzCity, we understand that consumers have a huge appetite for mobile content. And we can’t meet it all on our own. Some sites will be customised for sports enthusiasts; others will be action-oriented. Some will target gamers in Europe; others . . . well, you get the idea. We’re committed to ensuring the best distribution possible for Djuzz games.

Pre-launch, the Djuzz Catalogue already has a dozen partners. It’s a diverse lot. WAPsite operators in Australia, Bangladesh and Singapore; content players in the Middle East and South Africa; an Indian telco and an Italian gaming company. In the near future, I expect some major retail brands to sign up as well.

In fact, if there wasn’t a conflict of interest, I’d think of starting my own games portal too!

To learn more about the Djuzz Catalogue, take a look at this Fact Sheet.

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