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BuzzCity Tours: July 2010

July is set to be an interesting month with our team touring conferences and events in Singapore and other parts of the world, including Tel Aviv and Kuala Lumpur.  Please join us!  Here’s a rundown of where we’ll be:

Feel free to email feedback[at]buzzcity[dot]com to arrange a meeting with any of our colleagues at these events.

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By Delynn Ho, VP Sales

MALAYSIA is quickly becoming one of the most important mobile markets in southeast Asia . . . and some of its companies are on the cutting edge of the industry.

With a population of about 30 million people and mobile penetration of more than 100%, perhaps it’s not surprising that there is strong growth in mobile traffic.

The BuzzCity Mobile Advertising Network registered more than 53 million page views in Malaysia during the month of May, making it one of our top fifteen markets. Quarterly traffic increased 14% from January to March as compared with the last quarter of 2009.

Mobile ad growth is occurring in tandem with the creation of interesting mobile applications, content and properties.

In this blog entry, I’d like to highlight an example from the country’s national flag carrier, Malaysia Airlines. It’s launched a customised mobile site where passengers can book tickets, make payments, check-in and even track the status of delayed baggage. will generate a 2-D boarding pass, so if you only have carry-on luggage, you can skip the check-in counter and proceed right to the gate.

The application also easily connects to social networks so friends and colleagues can share information about bookings on Dopplr, Facebook and TripIt.

When MAS developed the mobile property, they did not simply miniaturise the company’s website. Instead, they started from scratch and developed a single application, with one link, that does not require download., according to the airline, is “the most comprehensive menu of mobile phone functionality available to airline passengers anywhere in the world.”

To increase awareness of the mobile portal and drive passengers to make use of its services, MAS ran an advertising campaign in April. Ads appeared on television, in the print media, on social networks and, of course, on mobile, where MAS ran both text and graphic banners.

The ads had a direct straight-forward message and ran across all mobile channels in Malaysia during a three week campaign.


Generally, I advise clients to run a campaign for at least two to three months. Three weeks is really quite short, but MAS was still happy with the results.

The carrier had a daily mobile ad budget of US$300. It bid 30 cents per click, which at the time was likely the highest bid in Malayia.

(The minimum bid in Malaysia is US$0.01. The recommended bid, which is one cent over the highest existing bid in the country, is 31 cents. At that rate, an advertiser is guaranteed of placing its entire ad inventory ahead of any competitors.)

When MAS runs its next campaign, I would advise them to make two changes.

One, create an interactive element, such as a link for consumers to register for a lucky draw (which in this case, could be for a free flight.) Creating a page for users to provide feedback is also a great way to get some free market research and find out what consumers think of your brand.

Two, track the leads – and sales – that are generated by the ads. Use the BuzzCity Ad Reports to monitor the demographics of users who have clicked on the campaigns.  Then monitor the percentage of consumers who go on to buy tickets. 

Finally, next time you’re planning to advertise, use the BuzzCity Campaign Planner – at – to review the latest market stats. Figure out which channels, which handsets, which mobile platforms are most popular in your target countries and calculate how many people your ad will reach. 

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Commentary : The Pull Between Mobile Apps And Mobile Websites v2

More and more companies are investing in mobile, but less and less are planning the right mobile strategy.

The push to build Mobile Apps is strong.  But the ROI of mobile websites is definitely better.

So forget the massive media hype and think strategically about your company’s advertising and branding strategies.

Companies who intend to adopt a mobile strategy seem to assume that apps will provide the best customer experience and therefore convert to sales.

In truth, mobile apps and mobile internet are two totally different portals and should never be treated as one. Mobile apps and mobile web have different audiences with different viewings habits and each should be implemented with the different mindsets in mind.

Whilst the iPhone might receive the most attention, the mobile web works across a much wider variety of mobile platforms.  Whilst the UK might still feel the iPhone is “the next big thing”, the majority of the world is still only using WAP-enabled phones.

iPhone sales, according to ComScore, have risen 161%, which must mean that all users are accessing apps, right? No, this is not the case. Whilst a fractionally higher amount – 87% compared to 85% – use apps compared to browsing  the mobile internet on the iPhone, its users only account for 14% of the global smartphone market. In the greater scheme of the mobile world, this percentage won’t secure the required results.

Understanding your target audience will ultimately help you decide the best solution for your mobile strategy – whether this is mobile app or mobile web. But, we still conclude that businesses need to consider a wider mobile strategy, beyond the app.

For more on this topic, take a look at our January blog entry on mobile apps vs. mobile web.

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Commentary : Mobile Banking Hope for Haiti

It was not long ago that people around the world were using their mobile phones to distribute aid money via SMS to charities working with those affected by the Haiti earthquake. Now, we’re looking at a new kind of mobile aid for Haiti. Last week the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announced that it is launching a $10 million fund for mobile banking services in the country.

The earthquake destroyed over one-third of the country’s banks, ATMs and money transfer stations leading to a severe cash shortage for the survivors. This meant that there were severe problems for those remaining in the country to access cash which might have been in their accounts or which was being transferred by relatives overseas. In fact, despite the recovery of many of the traditional banking institutions in Haiti, only 15% of Haitians had a bank account prior to the disaster so their requirements extend beyond the rebuilding of a physical bank branch.

As most Haitians have access to a mobile phone, the most obvious solution seems to be the establishment of a mobile banking system.

In March 2010 BuzzCity completed a research project into the state of the current mobile banking sector and consumer requirements for such services. We found that 29% of those surveyed did not have a bank account and as many as 56% did not have access to a debit or credit card – our research shows that there is clearly a need for mobile banking services and yet not many companies out there are providing it. Hopefully with the announcement of this new fund, companies will prioritise the development of such services and roll them out to those in need across the world, not just in Haiti. The full details of the BuzzCity survey can be viewed here.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation fund will be split between providers successfully implementing mobile banking strategies – $2.5 million will go to the first company to launch a service meeting certain targets within six months, $1.5 million will go to the second and the remaining $6 million will be passed on to the firm/firms which process the first five million transactions.

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The BuzzCity Roadshow 2010 : Mumbai

The BuzzCity roadshow – MIMAS, Mobile Internet Marketing Advertising Series – is coming to Mumbai! 

Join BuzzCity CEO Lai Kok Fung and a panel of prominent industry experts on Thursday 24 June at the Westin Mumbai Garden City Hotel. 

We’ll be talking about industry best practices and challenges; we’ll share case studies and take a look at how mobile is different from other mediums.  The industry is quickly evolving – and India is a leading market – so whether you’re an avid mobile marketer or have yet to place your first ad, please be sure to join us.  

Details of the event are as follows:

Date : 24th June 2010 (Thursday)
Time : 1815hrs – 2040hrs
Venue : Westin Mumbai Garden City Hotel (map)

Keynote Address by KF Lai, Buzzcity CEO
Panel Discussion :
Mobile media as a marketing tool and an evolving media.
Unique possibilities that differentiate mobile media from other mediums.
Opportunities with BuzzCity :
New products , case studies , discussion.
Dinner and Networking

As seats are limited on a first-come first-served basis, participants are encouraged to register their attendance early at partners[at]

We look forward to seeing you there!
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BuzzCity Tours: June 2010

The month of June promises to be a busy one with mobile industry conferences going on in Singapore and elsewhere, including Kuala Lumpur, New York and London.

Here’s an update of the various events our team members will be attending:

  • Cindy will be attending the Mobile Marketing Forum (MMF) in the heart of New York City- the Waldorf Astoria on Park Avenue, 50th Street (8 – 9 June).
    •  In Malaysia, Shirley will be attending the Malaysian Media Conference (MMC) at the Sime Darby Convention Cenre, KL on 9 June where she will be on hand to assist with your enquiries and share the latest from our network.
      •  Kok Fung will talk about creating effective advertising-funded mobile apps at AppsXchange Asia at the Grand Hyatt Singapore on 16 – 17 June.  He’ll analyse mobile app usage trends and examine how and when to embed advertising.  Je meanwhile will present a demonstration of Djuzz and the Djuzz Catalogue’s application software.
      • Steven will be at CommunicAsia2010 (15 – 18 June, Singapore Expo) to update potential partners on BuzzCity’s latest developments.

      • Kok Fung will be at Mobile World Asia 2010 on 22 June at the Concorde Hotel in Singapore to discuss “Channels to Marketing VAS Services”.

        Feel free to email feedback [at] to arrange a meeting with any of our colleagues at these events.

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