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By Cai Baoyi, Manager, Corporate Outreach
Hi! My name is Baoyi and this week I’d like to tell you about how BuzzCity is making it incredibly easy for companies — and even individuals — to expand into the mobile internet.

Our new tool, appropriately named the Mobilizer, converts RSS and Atom feeds into mobile websites.  No programming is required.  At the click of a button, blogs and other sites using Blogger, Blogspot and WordPress platforms can be quickly mobilized, opening up additional revenue streams for a business and extending a site’s reach to new audiences.

Let’s take a look!

I’m going to share a few examples with you in a moment, but one of the first things you should know though is that your new mobile site can be directed to your company’s own domain name. We’ll also automatically create a QR (Quick Response) Code for you that can be placed on your traditional website. You may have noticed our QR Code in the right-hand column of the Gamma Life blog. Simply point a camera phone at the QR Code, take a picture and your mobile browser will go to the mobile site.

On the 500 plus mobilized sites that are already part of the BuzzCity Advertising network, we’ve seen just about as many QR Code pageviews as traditional mobile pageviews.

Content publishers from a variety of genre are already using the Mobilizer.  A few of the top categories so far are entertainment, lifestyle and technology.  Two of my favorite mobilized sites are “Spread Design Love” and “Boyfriend Gift Ideas”.  The first has a lot of very cool images from broken things to hipster fashion and skateboard art, while the second offers relationship advice in addition to gift suggestions.

I’m waiting for news publications and commerce sites to move into this space next. Sites like Hong Kong’s Asia Times, New Zealand’s National Business Review and BPM Magazine (US-based publication featuring music, nightlife, style and tech stuff) already feature RSS-syndicated content. I’d like to be able to easily read more of these articles while on the move; so would the millions of mobile surfers who don’t have access to a PC (or iPhone). From a dollar and cents perspective, these content publishers can’t lose either as mobilizing a site is free-of-charge, as is the placement of ads.

The Mobilizer enables users to display a web page in two ways.  Here’s a look at the List View:

And here’s the Article View, which has photos as well as text:

You can get a sense of what your site will look like after it’s mobilized by entering the url into the Preview section of the BuzzCity Mobilizer.  In this case, I’ve created a preview for Channel News Asia’s front page newsfeed:

As I mentioned at the top of this piece, there are two major reasons why a company should mobilize its web content.

The first is to reach out to a new audience and offer content to the growing pool of users who access the internet from mobile devices. For publications, mobile sites also offer an opportunity to exploit the shift from traditional to mobile media. We offer a couple tools to help you reach out even further: (a) mobilized sites are published in myGamma, BuzzCity’s social networking platform, where users can easily share content that they like with their friends and (b) you can list your site on the myGamma Link Exchange, a directory that facilitates free cross-marketing.  Plus the QR code, placed on your website, will drive even more surfers into the mobile space.

The second reason to mobilize is to make money. For publishers, there’s no charge to place ads on a site and they can keep up to 65% of mobile ad revenues.

My colleagues have provided great examples of the impact (financial and otherwise) of mobile advertising in other columns on this blog.

So, what are you waiting for?

Mobilize it now!

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BuzzCity Tours – September 2010

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September is an active month — on five continents — for the BuzzCity team as we take to the road to share the latest news from the mobile world, listen to your ideas and answer any questions you may have.  Whether it’s at the India Music Forum in Mumbai, Ad Tech London, the Devcon Blackberry Conference in San Francisco or one of a number of other events, we hope to see you there! Here’s the rundown . . . 

  • Manish Mishra will be checking out the latest tunes at the India Music Forum (1 September) in Mumbai.
  • Alexandra Toro Gallego travels from Paris to Mainz, Germany for Mobile Tech Conf (6-8 Sep.).
  • Look for Camille Blaizot at the Paris Games Festival (10-12 Sep).
  • Je is a speaker at the Korea Games Conference (13-15 Sep, Seoul), the largest game developers’ conference in Asia.
  • The BuzzCity Roadshow heads to Capetown, South Africa on 15 September.  Michael de Souza, Hawa Omar, Olivia Hamilton and Thor Yee Yin join BuzzCity CEO Lai Kok Fung to share the latest developments from our network.
  • Anna Pikina will be in Cologne, Germany for the Digital Marketing Exposition & Conference (DMEXCO) (15-16 Sep).
  • Meanwhile in Paris, Camille Blaizot will be attending the Social Networking Conference (16-17 Sep) where she will be attending seminars by leading industry experts.
  • Across the globe in North America, look for Cindy Carrizales at Mobile Media World (16-17 Sep) in Toronto, then at Mobile 2.0 (20-21 Sep) in Silicon Valley.
  • Back in Europe, Anna Pikina, Alexandra Gallego, Camille Blaizot and Matthieu Feulvarch will be attending Ad Tech London (21-22 Sep) to meet key players from the online advertising and marketing industries.
  • Our team will be busy with some major events in Singapore as well. On 22 and 23 September, Jeffrey Teo and Michael de Souza will be attending the Social Media World Forum Asia.
  • Be part of the momentum for innovation in Asia . . . . BuzzCity CEO Lai Kok Fung joins a panel discussion on Digital Marketing & Ad Networks at Accelerate (23 Sep) in Singapore.
  • Manish Mishra will be speaking at the Asian Telecom Seminar in Pune, India (24-25 Sep)
  • Daniarsyah from our Indonesian team will be attending the Agency Summit (27-29 Sep) in Bali to rub shoulders with key interactive agency leaders from the marketing and digital media sector.
  • In the same period, Cindy Carrizales will be in San Francisco for the Devcon Blackberry Conference (27-30 Sep) where she will be joining Elvin Tan, Delynn Ho and Je Alipio.
  • Back in Asia, Meredith will be attending Mobile Value Added Services Asia (28-29 Sep) in Hong Kong.
  • In London, Alexandra Gallego and Lai Kok Fung will be attending Monetising Mobile (28 Sep). Kok Fung will be speaking at the conference about the mobile industry in emerging markets. This will be followed by a networking dinner.
  • A day later in London, Anna Pikina will be attending A5 Travel 2020 (29-30 Sep) where she will be meeting up with key players from the travel management industry.
  • Look for Alban Villani at the Mobile Value Added Services World Summit (29-30 Sep) where he will be meeting with mobile operators and VAS developers.
  • Closing out the month, you can find Hawa Omar at Mobile Web Africa (29-30 Sep) in Johannesburg.

Feel free to email feedback[at] to arrange a meeting with any of our colleagues.
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The BuzzCity Roadshow 2010: Cape Town

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Buzzcity’s Mobile Internet Marketing & Advertising Seminar series is returning to Cape Town. Join us at The Pepper Club on 15 September when we’ll share mobile ideas with brands and agencies. We’ll also take a look at the industry ecosystem and discuss the relationships between the various players in a mobile advertising platform. Read on for a full agenda and more details.

Date : 15th September 2010 (Wednesday)
Time : 0830hrs – 1400hrs
Venue : The Pepper Club
Cnr Loop and Pepper Street,
Cape Town, 8001 South Africa

Time Activity Speaker
08:30hrs-09:00hrs Registration
09:00hrs – 09:30hrs Keynote Speaker
Insights into Mobile Advertising and Marketing to the SA market
KF Lai,
09:30hrs – 10:00hrs Creative integration of Mobile into the overall mix Allan Kent,
Head of Digital,
Saatchi and Saatchi
10:10hrs – 10:35hrs The Mobile Market in SA (what works, what doesn’t and case studies) Ahmed Kajee,
Managing Director,
10:35hrs – 11:00hrs Coffee Break
11:00hrs – 11:30hrs Monetising Mobile and driving engagement Chris Wilson,
11:30hrs – 12:00hrs Converting users into customers. Liam Gibbs,
Head of SEO,
12:10hrs – 12:45hrs Director 7DKS
Entertaining, rewarding, rich user experiences on Mobile
Ryan Van Jaarsveld,
13:00hrs – 14:00hrs Lunch & Networking
(with finger food & beverage)

As seats are limited on a first-come first-served basis, participants are encouraged to register their attendance early at
We look forward to seeing you there!

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What’s Cooking?

August 5, 2010 Leave a comment

By Michael de Souza, Vice President (Media)

In this edition of the Gamma Life blog, join us as we walk to the kitchen to give you a taste of BuzzCity’s latest offering, a new mobile portal called Now-Cook.

If you’re a foodie like me, but don’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen, Now-Cook is for you. Here you’ll find a collection of scrumptious recipes from partners around the world for simple dishes that are easy and quick to prepare.

You might say that Now-Cook brings healthy fast food right into your kitchen. There are no complicated procedures, no dithering about with affected arrangements on oversized plates and no effete garnishes. Now-Cook is all about everyday eating. The recipes are straightforward, but they have bold flavours and can be an inspiration for novices and experienced cooks alike.
A Wide Selection
We’ve been working with international media partners, like Nestle and India Today, to source a wide variety of recipes, representing a range of global tastes and flavours. A number of magazines, newspapers and book publishing houses have made commitments to contribute content as well. Our team has been ruthless in selecting dishes with few ingredients that require no special skill to prepare.

One dish that’s caught my eye is Indonesian Ginger Chicken, which can be prepared with just five ingredients, including the chicken!

If visitors to the site, meanwhile, would like to share their own recipes, the place to go is the Now-Cook group in myGamma.

Why Now-Cook?
BuzzCity user surveys consistently show that people want to be able to do more with their phones. Mobile commerce is near the top of the list. And when we ask respondents what they’d like to buy, one of the top answers is groceries. Well, the world isn’t there yet. Supply chains that would enable consumers to place orders via mobile devices still need to be put in place. In the meantime, though, at BuzzCity, we believe brands need to share more product information online. And in the F & B industry, the best application for this . . . is recipes.

The launch of Now-Cook is also part of BuzzCity’s strategy of nurturing and syndicating mobile content. Our first portal, myGamma, enables partners to develop communities and user-generated content. Earlier this year, we launched our mobile games portal Djuzz as well as the Djuzz Catalogue, which provides partners – independent sites and telcos alike — with free content so they can build their audience base.

As the content is developed, audience size grows, which attracts more advertisers and supports BuzzCity’s ad distribution model.

Now-Cook joins our growing list of mobile properties, part of a strategy that will see the roll-out of more mobile content portals in the near future. Our surveys show that mobile users crave content and the quick adoption of Djuzz by surfers and gamers confirms it.

Mobile Transforms the Cooking Experience
The days of scrawled shopping lists and forgotten ingredients are behind us, at least for the Now-Cook community. The mobile format enables our army of informal cooks to take the recipe to the supermarket and straight back into the kitchen.

The site’s also search-powered, so users can find recipes by category and ingredients (chicken, beef, fish, vegetables, etc). There are featured recipes and a list of the sites most recent and most popular content, as measured by page-views.

Launching soon!
Our engineers have set the table, dimmed the lights and chilled the drinks. Please, take a seat at the bar and we’ll let you know just as soon as dinner is served.

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BuzzCity Tours – August 2010

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From Cologne to Kuala Lumpur, the BuzzCity team is taking to the road to share the latest news from the mobile world, listen to your thoughts & ideas and answer any questions you may have.  Here’s the August rundown!

  • Sean Tan will be on hand at the Digital Marketing and Social Media Influence (9-10 August)event in KL.  Malaysia is a top twenty market for BuzzCity and the home of some interesting mobile innovation.
  • Our ‘Djuzz’ man Je Alipio is traveling to Cologne, Germany for Gamescom (18-22 August) to network with gaming industry experts and talk about our white label solution, The Djuzz Catalogue.
  • Alban Villani will be on hand to meet with potential advertisers at the 4th Internet and Mobile Marketing Summit (19-20 August) in Manila.
  • You’ll also find Alban at Sonic Boom, one of the biggest Indie band festivals in The Philippines.  BuzzCity is excited to sponsor the 4th anniversary of this event in Makati City, where we’re looking forward to chatting with music producers and reps from Indie music labels.
  • Monchai Sricharoensak is attending the Android Workshop for Developers (28-29 August) in Chiang Mai.

Feel free to email feedback[at] to arrange a meeting with any of our colleagues.

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