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By Romulo “Je” Alipio, Executive Producer, Games

Earlier this year, I was thrilled when I wrote that Djuzz was celebrating its 100,000th download, just six weeks or so after the soft launch of the mobile games portal. Today, some eight months later, if I were to be thrilled by the same number, I’d have to jump up and down, well a lot . . . twice a day, in fact. As of October, the Djuzz Catalogue

  • offers 7000 games and applications
  • created by over 100 game developers
  • syndicated by 550 partners 
  • who attract 85,000 unique visitors every day
  • who are downloading 6 – 7 million apps and games every month.

Our top markets now are a diverse lot: India, Indonesia, South Africa, the UK, US and Malaysia.

Over time, we did some research on how to improve traffic and traction on the site, mapping out the impact and effect of different features. And we also listened to our premium catalogue partners – sometimes over the phone or by email, sometimes in face-to-face meetings – to learn what they need to make Djuzz work best for them.

As a result, we’ve just rolled out a number of new features and tools that enhance user experience and provide better value for our partners. I’d like to share a few of these with you now.


As regular readers of this blog know, the Djuzz Catalogue is a white label solution that enables partners to brand the platform as their own. Now, from the background colour to text fonts to the image on the search button, there are more ways to customise Djuzz so that it’s consistent with your brand identity. And of course, partners can still insert their own logos, page headers and company information.

Each of the circled numbers in the picture above indicates a part of the layout that can be customised.


Choose only the applications and games and apps that you’d like to include in your catalogue. Previously, syndication partners could customise by category, for example choosing to only offer action games. But we found that this created a problem for our partners who are game developers. Selecting by genre or category often created a catalogue that included content produced by competitors, so they couldn’t publicise it. That was a no-go. So now, Djuzz Catalogue partners can create their library by category, developer or individual game title.

For example, in the screenshot above, you can see a list of the current Djuzz Catalogue Movie & TV apps. Users simply check off the ones they’s like to include in their own platform.


Choose which apps and games to feature on your home page. Again, you can customise by category, developer or individual game title to determine which games are showcased under Quicklinks, Latest Games and Top Games. This feature is particularly useful for partners who are launching a new app and want to really promote it.


Previously, partner catalogues all had a url that was a sub-domain of Djuzz like je.djuzz.com. No more. If you want your catalogue to feature your own url, just let us know. (Email djuzzbiz AT buzzcity DOT com.)


Customise who can access your catalogue . . . by region, country or even by carrier (in some countries only). This opens up opportunities to distribute titles that are territory-restricted. And of course carriers can now choose to offer content only to their own consumers.


With all these new features, I’d also like to welcome our newest catalogue partners, including:

Also, game developer EA Mobile (Electronic Arts) is set to launch content on multiple channels, starting with Maxis in Malaysia, followed by Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. EA has a great library, including:

Personally, I’m torn between FIFA Street 3 and Fight Night Round 4. Both games make perfect use of the limited screen, sound capability and controls. The games are also just difficult enough to make it challenging, but not impossible, to hit the next round.

I hope you’ve found today’s column to be useful. Drop me a line at   if you have any questions . . .or would just like to challenge me to a game!

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