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Barcelona 2011 : Mobile World Congress

November 26, 2010 Leave a comment

The end of the year is fast approaching. Along with celebrations and reflection, there are also preparations for next year. This includes, among other things, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next February.

We plan to exhibit our audience development initiatives for publishers & applications developers; particularly the syndication of content and SDKs for ad supported games and applications.

Our mobile portal JamSked ( is one initiative that helps to engage mobile audiences and develop advertising income for our publishers.

And if you’re planning time out from work while in Barcelona, you may want to check out the gigs in Spain then. JamSked now includes music events in more than 15 cities in Spain, including Barcelona. (The service currently lists more than 4,000 bands playing at 2,000 venues globally).

We’ll add more of course even as we prepare to visit Barcelona.

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BuzzCity Tours : December

November 22, 2010 Leave a comment

Some of us will be travelling again this December and hope to be seeing you :-

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November 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Two of Djuzz’s newest partners – VeMoSoft and IGFun – are storming the charts, accounting for five of the most popular games on Djuzz in October, including action-adventure games, “God of the Dead – Inferior Dii” and “Bruce Lee – Iron Fist”.

If there’s one app, though, that really takes the spotlight, it’s RockeTalk, a social networking tool that features voice and picture chats. RockeTalk’s release on Djuzz was backed by a solid promotional campaign, which helped it become the first app on Djuzz to breach the 1M downloads mark. It received as many as 98,000 downloads a day.

Check out all the details in our October 2010 report, Djuzz Mobile Gaming Metrics . . . and keep reading!

Reebok’s ZigTech – a game billed as the “energy drink for your feet” — also received a lot of promotional support. It received up to 31,000 downloads a day.

The most popular category for the month was Racing, accounging for 25% of all downloads. HeroCraft’s High Speed 3D and HOVR’s Underground Racer remained in the top ten and were joined by Mundial De Rally 3D (VeMoSoft ) in tenth place.

More than 6.5 million games were downloaded from Djuzz in October. Six new entries made the charts.

Here’s a look at the Top 10 List:

# Title Developer Downloads  
1 RockeTalk   RockeTalk 872,057 New Entry
2 High Speed 3D HeroCraft 128,123 Up 1 place
3 God Of The Dead – Inferi Dii VeMoSoft 118,490 New Entry
4 Avatar Last Air Bender GameInAction 104,840 Unchanged
5 Underground Racer HOVR 99,292 Down 4 places
6 The Hero – City Of Doom VeMoSoft 90,382 New Entry
7 Iron Man 2 GameInAction 86,316 Down 2 places
8 3D Sniper Shot VeMoSoft 79,261 New Entry
9 Bruce Lee – Iron Fist IGFun 74,142 New Entry
10 Mundial De Rally 3D VeMoSoft 73,464 New Entry
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JamSked Rolls Out More Gigs

November 11, 2010 Leave a comment

BuzzCity’s roll-out of JamSked — our new mobile internet directory of live music events and independent musicians – is moving ahead with a phased approach to deploying localised content, based on the top global markets as listed in the BuzzCity Quarterly Ad Index.  This allows us to meet the ever-growing demand for content from these rapidly developing mobile markets.

Following usage trends in October, the first full month of operations, we’ve revised the deployment phase to also meet the demand from our partners in the music industry; the rapid growth of JamSked has inspired more partners to share their schedules on mobile as well.

The rollout plan for the next six months is as follows:

JamSked Country Rollout
1  India Ongoing
2  Indonesia Ongoing
3  South Africa Ongoing
4  United States December
5  Kenya January
6  Saudi Arabia January
7  Korea February
8  Nigeria February
9  Vietnam Ongoing
10  United Kingdom March
11  Libya March
12  Malaysia Ongoing
13  Germany April
14  Thailand Ongoing
15  China June
16  Mexico June
17  UAE April
18  Turkey May
19  Bangladesh Nov / Dec 
20  Australia Nov / Dec 
21 Philippines Ongoing
22 Singapore Ongoing
23 Cambodia Nov / Dec 
24 New Zealand  Nov / Dec 
25 Spain Nov / Dec 
26 Sri Lanka Nov / Dec 
27 Pakistan Nov / Dec 

This rollout plan ensures we provide continuous coverage of music events in at least twenty countries by the middle of 2011.

This list will of course continue to grow in the coming months, so feel free to write to us to distribute your gig info.

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Medical Tourism – Promoting Thai Hospitals to the Middle East

November 4, 2010 Leave a comment

By Delynn Ho, VP Sales

Time for your annual checkup? Need a root canal? Heart surgery? Or even a sex change operation? More and more people are traveling overseas to seek medical treatment. For some, the quality of medical care is simply better outside their own country; for others, the cost savings are significant.

The growing size of the medical tourism industry – estimated by some analysts to be worth US$40 billion annually – is leading hospitals to more aggressively promote their services to overseas patients.

Today, I’d like to take a look at one such effort – a mobile portal and ad campaign by one of Thailand’s leading private hospital groups, Samitivej Hospital.

Thailand estimates that 920,000 people travel to the kingdom every year for medical treatment. An elective coronary artery bypass that would cost US$60,000 in the US is about US$15,000 in Thailand. Bladder surgery is 1/8th the cost. Thailand is also quite competitive compared with other Asian markets.

To market its services to patients overseas, Samitivej recently ran a mobile ad campaign in three Middle Eastern countries: Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The campaign consisted of a straight-forward graphic banner, published across all mobile channels in each of the three markets.

The banner directs users to Samitivej’s Doctors on Mobile portal, which provides health alerts, write ups on health & beauty and information about the hospital’s services.

What really impresses me about the site, though, is that it provides information about each of the hospital’s doctors. The profiles include photos, information about the doctor’s areas of expertise, his/her schedule and languages spoken. Importantly, there’s also a telephone link so users can call to make an appointment.

The Samitivej group has several hospitals. Each branch offers a series of “Wellness” packages or general physical examinations by a physician, including blood, cholesterol and liver function tests. The mobile portal provides additional information about the medical services offered at each branch.

And the site also provides specific information about pricing and medical packages.

The two-month ad campaign cost US$1200 or about US$200 per market each month. As we’ve discussed in other case studies, it doesn’t take many sales to recoup the advertising investment. (And while I don’t know the specifics of the medical industry, my guess is that the margin from a single surgery could more than offset the ad spend.)

One thing which Samitivej did not do is track the success rate of the campaign. BuzzCity’ online tools show that the ads had a click-through rate of 0.9% (slightly below the 1% industry average in the countries where the campaign ran). But Samitivej did not measure the percent of people who went from the banner ad to the mobile portal and then clicked to call for an appointment. Nor do we know how much the mobile viewers spent on medical services. Tracking details like this is really a best practice that every company should follow in order to accurately measure the ROI of their campaign.

There are a few other ways in which Samitivej could have improved this campaign as well:

1. The banner ad has five frames. Mobile viewers have short attention spans. We generally recommend a maximum of two frames.

2. Run text ads as well as graphic banners.

3. Produce more than one banner. Variety counts.

4. Integrate information about services, doctors and contact details into the news and health updates. No need to overwhelm readers with a strong sales pitch on these pages, but it’s good to provide links for sales follow-through.

5. Samitivej has run their campaign in other medium as well, but without mentioning Doctors on Mobile. Maintaining a consistent single marketing message through all sales channels, including on their internet site and in traditional ads, pays off.

All in all, though, I think Samitivej is leading the way when it comes to using mobile to reach out to potential consumers in overseas markets.

Groups like the Tourism Association of Thailand – which has just launched an internet portal to promote medical tourism in the country – should take note, as should other medical providers in the region.

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Rocking With JamSked

November 1, 2010 Leave a comment

More than a quarter million unique visitors used JamSked – BuzzCity’s new mobile internet directory of live music events and independent musicians — in October, its full month of operations, and the site received more than 1 million pageviews.

We initially rolled out gig info from Indonesia and the Philippines and have since followed up with music events in India, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.  Inspired by the eager response from our users, we rolled out South African concert info in mid-October; five months earlier than scheduled. The first beneficiaries of this move were The Winston Pub in Durban – which made the list of top ten venues in October – and Koos Kombuis @ The Old Church Hall (Nieu Bethesda).

We’ve also received concert schedules from many other countries; in October, JamSked covered more than 1,000 music events in 31 countries. And we are rolling out more; in November and December, JamSked will also include gig info from Australia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, New Zealand and Sri Lanka.

Here’s a look at some of the trends and top artists on JamSked in October . . .

  1. JamSked users mainly come from India, Indonesia, Philippines, South Africa and Vietnam.
  2. British jazz musician Soweto Kinch’s concert in India tops the list of concerts ….
  3. …. followed by Filipino rock–pop singer Rain Mayo and Insanara (also from the Philippines). 
  4. Venues attracting the most interest are BlueFROG (Mumbai, where Soweto Kinch played), Freedom Bar (Manila) and Live Bar (GreenVille, North Carolina). Notable also is Ancol Carnaval Beach (Jakarta) which hosted Java Rockin’ Land 2010 and The Jakarta Blues Festival 2010 earlier in the month.
  5. Top genre’s include Rock, Alternative, Hip-Hop and Electronic.
  6. Top artists trending on JamSked in October were Akon, Kangen Band (Indie band from ID), Shakira and Lil’Wayne.
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