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What’s The Shelf Life Of Mobile Games?

In the last 7 months our ad network has doubled in size; possibly because there are more (new) surfers on the mobile internet and also because they (early adopters and newbies) are spending more time surfing. Their voracious appetite for content has improved the longevity of many game titles on Djuzz. We looked at the Top 100 games of the last six months to see how older content fared against the latest additions….

  1. By August 2011, the Top 100 games this year have had more than 34 million downloads.
  2. More than a quarter of these titles are from HOVR who has 26 games among the Top 100. These include Underground Racer, 4×4 Extreme Rally , Big Game Safari, Euro Football, and Battle Line Okinawa. Collectively these titles have been downloaded 7.5 million times in the last 7 months.
  3. Herocraft has 10 titles (including  Mr Revolver, Dragon & Dracula and Robo 2) which secured 2.5 million downloads.
  4. Youpark has secured 2.2. million downloads from 9 titles and
  5.  inLogic has 7 titles (including long-time favourite on Djuzz Fatal Fist, among others) that have been downloaded 1.2 million times.
While popular wisdom among developers suggests that “celebrity” titles have a longer shelf life among games (2-3 months) we could not help noticing some evergreen favourites on Djuzz. Mr Revolver (by HeroCraft) traces its lifeline on Djuzz to Dec ‘09 and BomberXmen by Falcon Mobile also from Dec ’09 that tops off longevity with almost 2,000 downloads per day !

While it may be too early to tell, we are keeping an eye on these trends to see how developers and brands can leverage rich content offering to develop sustainable distribution to mobile surfers. 

Expect more on this in our Q4 Report !

ps The shelf life of unbranded games is rumoured to be 2-3 weeks !

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